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Sustainable Wealth, Strong Physical & Mental Resilience and Inspiring Personal Relationships

For successful target driven entrepreneurs...

Build and Expand a Profitable and Fulfilling Online Business with cutting-edge, online growth strategies and personal development fundamentals through 

"The Personal Profit Propelling Process™."

Jp Goldman
Founder and inspirer of
The "Personal Profit Propelling Process" 

"The purpose of the network is to help business owners become more profitable and connect with other like-minded individuals to help them do the same.

You'll get LIVE help from me personally, on general strategies, resources, marketing and various other topics...but also from experts who know things like technical stuff, copywriting and even mindset.

I look forward to getting to know you

The PPP Process is a community where ideas and sparks jump between members. I inform about cutting-edge online growth strategies and inspire people. I provide tools needed to propel your business to next level and to do so without stress, overwhelm or complexity. 

All through The Personal Profit Propelling Process™.

Resulting in :

  • Profitable Wealth Entrepreneurship, by stabilizing, optimizing and expanding your company.
  •  Physical and Mental Resilience through leveraging mindset, energy and nutrition principles.
  • Inspiring Personal Relationships with yourself, your community and your team.

We connect and inspire

The Personal Profit Propelling Process™

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